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Is Tesler Trading Scam APP Or LEGIT Investments Software?

Is Tesler Trading Scam APP Or LEGIT Investments Software? Who is Steven Abrahams CEO Of Tesler Trading APP? Is TeslerAPP Legit? Find Out The hidden Truth in My Honest Tesler Trading Review

How can to get started with The Tesler Trader APP?
Register to and activate your Tesler APP traders account with Tesler Trading recommended broker and we will set you ASAP. The Tesler Trading system is web-based and your own Tesler Trader adviser will be appointed to you.

Tesler Trading Scam

What is the Tesler investment in gold .. what are the best ways to invest in gold and the difference between those roads? Many questions and responded to the site and we will try to be covered in the following Tesler APP Review.

Tesler Trading Scam

Tesler Trading Results

First, Tesler investments in gold is one of the best ways of investment during the three last years of the spectrum for several reasons, including that the price of gold on the rise during the last three which yields opportunities to make a profit from the investment in Tesler Trading APP, in addition to long ago was considered the gold safe haven and al-Hakim on periods of history due to value a time of crisis.

Second, investment in many and varied ways in gold and those ways is the stock market and money funds and joint investment or futures contracts in gold or gold stored in several forms, whether in the form of gold bullion for Tesler Trading investment purposes, or in the form of gold artifacts and jewelry.

Third, investment in gold through the stock market or gold funds or gold must be through an intermediary authorized in the stock market like a regular stock market quite that way fit the large gold and medium-sized investments and fit of the buying and selling of gold with the price change

Fourth, investment in gold ways or forms of investing in gold is to buy gold and keep it for certain periods and sell it either with the change of the price and make a profit or with the need for more cash, and individuals can buy gold for investment in the form of ingots different weight of 5 grams to a kilo of gold or in the form of gold artifacts in order to ornamental and tesler investment together.

How can sell gold investor?
Method of selling gold vary by gold, for example, gold buyer through intermediaries stock to be sold through the same intermediate The gold buyer in the form of ingots or gold artifacts may allegiance dealer of gold by the price of gold today, weight and caliber of the gold found, can know the weight of gold and the price of gold for each state through our website at the following Tesler Trading Website.

Gold and silver in exchange for paper currency

Gold, silver has become a good investment thanks to the presence of weak financial markets after the global crisis and also the depreciation of the dollar against the European currency, which many Tesler Trading investors have been forced to invest in key commodities that keeps with time.
Since August in 2001, the price of gold has risen from $900 an ounce to break the barrier of $ 1,900 an ounce in September of 2011 and there were expectations to exceed the price of gold above $ 2,000 an ounce before the emergence of European and Greece’s debt crisis, bringing to guide investors to invest in gold and silver instead of paper currencies, which are expected to achieve the highest return in the coming years.

Factors affecting the investment in gold and silver with Tesler Trading Software

In order to achieve the greatest return on investment in gold and silver With Tesler Trading Software, you must understand the factors affecting the price of gold, which includes the daily gold price, gold coin type to be purchased, economic analyzes and recent global political situation.

Gold daily market change depends on supply and demand, for example, for increasing the supply of gold in the world gold market and the lack of demand for it will inevitably lead to lower world price of gold, and vice versa, and also the economic conditions that affect the price of one place to another can be a spot price in the United States differ from the spot price in Japan.

Type of currency or gold ingot to be purchased will be a little more expensive than spot price of gold in the stock market because of the imposition of some governments tariffs on gold or merchant get a commission from the sale of gold bars and gold coins, for example, could be the price of spot gold $1,500 an ounce, while Yemen buy gold bullion or gold coins higher than 3-5% of the spot price of gold worth.

Can foreign economic data also have a significant impact on gold and silver prices. Overall, the spot price, which can be followed up through the site for precious metals such as gold and silver increases during the economic downturn, the spectrum because of the bond and the stock market becomes less attractive, and investing in gold and silver become more attractive.
With so much to invest in precious metals preferably vegan spectrum inevitably pushes to increase the prices it is wise to watch carefully to external economic data, such as stock indices and the dollar index for the best time for Tesler investment planning.

What is Tesler Trading APP?

What is Tesler Trading APP? Does Tesler Trading investments Software Actually Works? how to Trade With Tesler Investments APP? Is Tesler Trading By Steven Abrahams Scam?

What is Tesler Trading APP?

Tesler Trading APP is a smart trading system software designed for everyone to start trading binary options in easy way in 2017, Tesler APP is powered with an auto intelligence algorithm that never stops learning from its historical trades to improve trading results and profits.

Tesler APP

Tesler APP

Many Tesler traders are finding that they are not making a profit. This is normal, and in fact, the reasons that prevent her from achieving money when trading may be common. This is good news in that it means that you may be able to diagnose the problem and correct errors to improve the situation.

Here are some of the most important and that may be the reason behind the lack of money when trading options:

Excessive Tesler trading
This is most likely due to not having a strong trading strategy or lack of management or traced. It is important that you have a trading strategy that only when there is a deliberative recommendations. Also, be sure not to overconfidence and jump back into the market quickly, tracking a series of profitable trades.

Lack of risk management properly
Make sure that you are related to each risk management trading. This means that you need to find out how much they could lose in every Tdaol and you need to stick to that amount in every trading.

Lack of understanding of where to put breakpoints
This aspect is important and can affect by potential profits. You need to set breakpoints logically so that even if made less profit, there is a greater chance that you will achieve profits anyway with Tesler Trading System. Do not feel greed and risk of loss.

To start a very large
Trading very large size makes strong emotions and logic come out of the subject. Trading should never be a reason to risk your life or your career manner.

Trading based on news
Many people are postponing trading due to news announcements expected. Many times, it happens that you hesitate and then news to move the market is working in the direction that you want it and reverse all opinions that I read.

Failure to follow the plan
When you open markets, you need to make sure that you have the discipline to follow the plan drawn up when the markets were closed.

All of these Tesler Trading factors could affect the achievement of money when trading. You need to develop a logical strategy in addition to learning from the available online and experience private sources, so you have a greater opportunity to achieve profits. Do not feel greed and risk of loss.

Tesler Investments APP Is Tesler Trading APP LEGIT?

Tesler Investments APP Is Tesler Trading APP LEGIT? Can You Really Earning Money With Tesler Trading APP? where To Download Tesler APP To start Trade in Binary Options 2017? In you Will found all you searching for.

Tesler Investments

How to choose the appropriate currency pairs to trade in Tesler Trading APP? At this stage, and after the termination of the process of learning and training on how to trade either by monitoring the trading screen or use Tesler Trading demo account, you will know the basic points to start real trading, you are now just one step away from entering the world of binary options trading and begin operations of buying and selling, but you may be wondering when the first trading process for any pair of currency pairs would you choose? And what is appropriate at this time the pair has Tesler APP many questions at that moment was the intervention at a loss you are indispensable in such a time.

Tesler Trading

Tesler Trading

The importance of choosing the currency pair in Tesler Investments APP

You need at this time to focus, and requires you to do some analysis concerning the movements of currency pairs, that rely on more than the analysis may serve the course of the trading process, there are majors, the most couples popular and actively traded among investors in the market, and one of the most market engines traders are watching the details make Tesler Investment await economic indicators, moment by moment, and keeping tabs on all the news about them, and that may affect the movement and certainly especially strong and sudden movements movements may affect the market as a whole movement, if we look closely the movement of each pair on the unit we were able to see how his behavior features of each pair and the extent of his movements for news issued related to it, and therein lies the essence of the choice and the most important is to understand and absorb everything that comes in the currency pair, who will be chosen has comes to your mind some questions: Would I start trading with one of the majors or I would choose a secondary pairs that may be unusual movements in relation to other couples? If so, what is the husband who I’ll start with him? What are the qualities of this pair?

How to choose a currency pair

– Preferred choice of majors to work with them and that the lack of movement on the courses in addition to the direction of the majority of traders Technical Analysis by

– The choice of a spouse, which proved trending up (tops and bottoms upward) (tops and bottoms bearish) for 10 days and the greater the number of days in the same direction increased trend strength.

– Getting stronger current trend upwards if the pair moves in the direction upward for a month and just as important as the stability of the trend is upwards if the presence of 10 days before emerging sideways Tesler Trading Software bearish as well as with the downward trend with a 10-day decline.

– Preferably a direction of the main currency pair upward or downward compatible with European period for compatibility with the severe liquidity and movement and thus move in the direction well and gracefully.

– The choice of a Tesler Trading pair or a couple at most to work on them and would prefer to be the couple’s similar like some currencies such as the Yen crosses or GBP or couples euro so there is no confusion for Tesler Investments in two different couples analysis and also takes advantage of a pair analysis to seize an opportunity second pair safely.

– Preferred presence and analysis of the dollar index Index up shops can filter couples and knowing the size of existing liquidity against the dollar for other currencies instantaneously

– Must take into account this in mind full knowledge of the quality of the next Tesler Trading APP and the extent of its importance and its impact on the currency in which it TRADE

Most heavily traded currency pairs

You will discover that the most traded currency pair in the world is a pair Eurodollar. If you have started trading in binary options recently we strongly advise you to start trading in this currency pair to become more seasoned. You will learn a lot by trading this currency pair because it is highly liquid, and less of the currency pairs price. It is worth mentioning that 87% of all operations performed in the options trading markets are a pair Eurodollar

For choosing a particular price range

After knowing Tesler Trading timetable Did we were able to choose the currency pair to look at the chart and see the movement of currencies in every Frame a certain time frame and we mean here chose the specified range for the price, and this is different from the time period to another period of time

For example, in the period medium price movement and are at their peak any liquidity in common between the American and European period Lama So you fast stores you choose the time

I tell every novice in binary options trading industry, there is not a good husband and a pair of trade is not suitable, but this is due to your trading style and each style if you fast trader or trader for a period of medium or long-term trader

Tesler Trading

Tesler Trading APP What is it? Is Tesler Trading Scam Software? Is Tesler Investments APP Legit? Discover the shocking Truth in my Honest Tesler APP Review Before Join in Tesler Website

Tesler Trading

There are a number of forex brokers online, and some of them are unscrupulous. How can a novice trader choose a reputable broker and avoid falling victim to a scam? Mr. Steven Abrahams of Tesler APP the leading online currency trading System Software, provides some answers.



How fraudulent happening in Binary Options Trading:

Know Tesler Trading scam as “any trading system used to defraud traders by convincing that they can earn high profits by trading in the foreign exchange market. “In practice, it could be a scam is the lack of money owed to traders return (eg when you want to withdraw funds or terminate the account), and a lack of transparency in the pricing and execution of transactions, and failure to respond to customer complaints, and the targeting of individuals at risk.

What should I look for?

This is a checklist that can help you.

Promises of high profits

Promises of high profits are often a sign of a scam in the forex. Easy Always remember merchants risks surrounding the foreign exchange trading.


Is a regulated tesler Trading APP broker with the competent authority in your neighborhood? If not, there is a big chance that you are not protected enough. The Tesler Investments Ltd. by the Cyprus Commission for securities and investments and licensing of all Member States of the EU passes (including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). Australia’s Forex Co., Ltd. is organized by the Committee of the Australian Securities and Investment, which covers many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Education and training

If you are a beginner, it is absolutely necessary to equip yourself with knowledge before the start of trading. What is the educational broker? Is trading method is easy to understand from the site? What are the tools and resources available to help you learn? For example, is there a comprehensive library? What information is available on the market and whether the Tesler Trading Broker news sources on a global level, such as Reuters?


Does the broker disclose all fees related Is the price difference between the fixed currency pairs and clearly stated? It may be considered brokers offering price differentials low or non-existent fraudsters Tesler Trading rates may widen when volatile market. Easy Tesler APP Trading fixed price, regardless of what the market is doing.


Your relationship with your broker is a two-way road. Is the broker flexible enough for you to start small with a low rate hikes and grow more sophisticated in your trading when they are ready? For example, do you progress levels accounts? Good Realtor ensures that your support by a personal account, which acts as a guide for you in your first steps in Forex Trading Service Manager. And when you become more confident in your trading you will have the opportunity to have a personal dealer to support you in your trading and help you to better understand the forex market.


Do not use a broker does not have a well-known Internet and its own payment methods to protect systems. Ask if the site is secured from the likes of Tesler Investments APP Inc., or SSL. And ask how to deal with the credit card clearing.

The human element

Never forget that, despite the fact that the mediator may be online, you are dealing make sure it is real? Do they have a real office locations throughout the world? Can you call your broker and get service directly from a real person? Ask them do they have complaints systems and see how it is the answer to this.